Throughout several years of serving the same clients in the Chicagoland manufacturing community, Total Tooling has consistently earned the respect of Exact Automation. Their talents cover the full range of tools with a reliable insight for new users, or advanced techniques for experienced craftsman needing an extra level of detail. As a supplier for all major, and some obscure brands of tooling in our industries, Total Tooling has always been able to source the best technical solution along with a balance of performance to price. Their expertise in drilling, routing, shaping or sawing in a wide variety of woods, composites, solids or panel materials has helped us place a machinery solution, along with the software settings to yield the best tool life, cut quality and material yields. With an impressively equipped machine shop, Total Tooling is uniquely able to sharpen endless geometries and offer in house mounting in the latest tool holders. Best of all, their staff is available through the will call door for immediate service, or as many of our clients use, they schedule weekly shop visits for pickup and delivery of sharpened or replacements as needed. There is never an emergency to know that the right tool is in stock and ready to run. How ever you choose to use James, Greg and the team for tooling… honest business, friendly conversation and a depth of knowledge is always available. They are a sharp bunch.

Mark Jardon Exact Automation ( Biesse, Tiger Stop)

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